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    Choose a dumpster size for details and pricing in your area.

    The 10-yard dumpster holds up to 1.5 tons of material and is perfect for accommodating virtually any small project. At a height of 3½ ft., it’s easy to load, and at a length of just 13 ft., this dumpster is perfect for fitting into tight spaces.

    One of our most popular sizes, these 20-yard dumpsters hold up to 2.5 tons of material, and accommodate virtually any small- to mid-sized residential or commercial project. At a height of 3½ ft., each is easy to load yet holds 4 tons of trash and materials.

    This larger 30-cubic-yard dumpster holds up to 3.5 tons of material and is designed for medium-to-large projects such as interior remodeling, de-cluttering, or other interior projects. It’s the optimal size for trash removal during your next renovation.